Faith and the Hassayampa Inn Prescott

The Hassayampa Inn in Prescott is a gathering place for local residents and visitors. During the week the lobby is home to several small groups of residents playing cards and games. Not only does it boast an antique elevator – staff member required to operate but a permanent resident – Faith. The Happy Hour certainly is to die for.

Hospital to Hotel in a Mining Ghost Town

The Jerome Grand Hotel began life as a hospital in a thriving mining town. Though vacant for a long time and then fully restored and remodeled as a hotel, some were reluctant to leave and while mostly invisible do remind guests the accommodations weren’t always so grand. The city offers walking ghost tours which are quite lively.

Welcoming hotel in Bisbee where the front doors are never locked.

The oldest continuously operating hotel in Arizona and the only full-service hotel in Bisbee, The Copper
Queen has 48 rooms and several unpaying permanent residents. Three spirits who roam the halls. An older gentleman with a beard, a woman named Julia Lowell and a young boy who has never been seen, only heard.