Five things I love about Prescott, Arizona

  1. Christmas City. Prescott was the first Arizona city to erect a community Christmas tree (1916). Promoters used the tree to celebrate the county courthouse. They loaded the branches with toys and gifts for children and provided baskets of holiday food to families to insure everyone had a happy holiday. The events around the community have grown to include decorations on every business, parades, crowds of visitors, and musicians. Prescott’s holiday enthusiasm resulted in them becoming Christmas City. Learn more HERE 

2. Courthouse Square and The Gazebo. The Square hosts activities and events all year round. Events include art fairs, food festivals, concerts, outdoor activity days, antique fairs and evening entertainment. Arizona Beer week takes place in February. One of the largest book fairs which hosts authors from all over the globe takes place in March. Prescott Rodeo Days, the world’s oldest rodeo kick off in July. The Jazz festival plays to sold out crowds in the month of August. At the end of the year the city lights up as Christmas City.

3. The Hassayampa Inn. The original investors each contributed $1 per share to build the Inn because the community needed a place to relax and congregate. Today residents congregate in the lobby, pull out board games or playing cards, pick up a glass of wine from the Glass Door Bar or the Peacock Room and socialize. I wrote part of the first two books in the Creekside Dreams series in the lobby. The hotel boasts an antique elevator that requires an employee to operate. Though I’ve stayed there many times I have never met the ghost.  Learn more HERE

4. The Hotel St Michael. The very first elevator in Prescott (1925) still moves guests up and down the five floors in this hotel. The lobby is tiny, not a place to work or socialize, but the hotel is connected to the very own indoor shops.  The Hotel also hosts loveliest staircase from the second to first floor – I can see myself making a grand entrance! As author of paranormal romance I can appreciate the hotel’s other worldly guest who never leaves. The St. Michael also has a ghost – have not personally met her either.

5. The Elks Opera House. Located across the street from The Hassayampa Inn, the Elks Performing Arts Center started life in 1905 with the Opera House on the first floor, Offices on the second floor and The Elks Lodge on the third floor.  Though the building experienced several occupancies, it now has a fully restored venue on the first floor, performance studios on the second and large meeting or event rooms on the top floor. Included is picture of my date to a tribute band performance hanging out with an usher dressed in period costume.