Sweet Dreams at The Palace Hotel

A Creekside Dreams Novel


A biting January wind burned her cheeks when Nikki dashed to her truck and lifted a small white dog from the backseat. Georgie whined, eyes focused on The Palace. Nikki searched the area for the source of Georgie’s distress. A woman stood silhouetted in the window of Room 15 on the second floor. Victoria? Nikki smiled, “Georgie, it’s okay. She’s welcoming us. I’ll bet she was lonely while the hotel was vacant.” Nikki slammed the truck door, and the silhouette disappeared. They walked the short sidewalk. Nikki climbed three steps, walked across the wide veranda and opened the front door. Her future beckoned. Offering a welcoming warmth to travelers, running a successful business, becoming a vital part of the community, creating a network of friends all in the company of her resident ghost. New dreams, new hope, new life starting this moment.