Interview with Victoria Wyatt

Today on SJP blog our special guest is Victoria Wyatt, the benevolent spirit from Sweet Dreams at The Palace Hotel.

Stella: Thanks for joining me Mrs. Wyatt. Welcome to the blog, it’s a pleasure to uh see you.

Victoria: Thank you. This I my first conversation away from The Palace and I’m pleased to be here.

Stella: What possessed you to open a hotel in a very small town?

Victoria: When Mr. Wyatt died I discovered that others saw the business we operated together as his business although we worked about the same number of hours and I handled all the money. In 1917 the role of women was changing at a fast pace, from homemaker to bread winner. The right to vote for women was on the horizon and, with men headed off to war, women were suddenly pushed to take over traditionally male jobs. The perfect time for a woman to start a business in a place no one knew me.

Stella: Why Creekside?

Victoria: Creekside in 1917 was a small town with a big heart. Few inhabitants were second or third generation residents, most arrived to start over. Because the population was small we supported each other. There was another hotel but we didn’t see each other as competition.

Stella: You passed away in 1949, why did you stay?

Victoria: On April 24, 1949, my heart stopped beating but love of friends, family and the community didn’t end. I stay to experience again the emotions embedded in my life’s important moments. And, I stay to encourage the living to embrace their own life. To live with courage, kindness and love. The Palace sheltered me in life and I’m not ready to leave.